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Anubhav Singh Bassi: A Rising Star in Indian Stand-Up Comedy

Anubhav Singh Bassi has become a well-known figure in the Indian stand-up comedy scene very quickly, winning over crowds with his distinct approach and realistic comedy. India-born and bred, Anubhav Singh Bassi path to comic prominence is both energizing and inspirational.

Anubhav Singh Bassi Overview

Anubhav Singh BassiDetails
Celebrity TypeComedian
Age31 years as of 2022
Date Of Birth9th January 1991
Zodiac SignTaurus
CityUttar Pradesh India
Height6 feet 1 inch
Notable WorkBass Kar Bassi
First TV ShowCheating- Stand-Up Comedy Show
Net Worth in RupeesRs 57 crores
Net Worth$786.2 thousand
Instagram Followers1.6 million followers
Twitter Followers43.5k followers

Early life

Indian comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi performs comedy. The Parikshitgarh district of Meerut is where Bassi was born. In 2022, Anubhav Singh Bassi will be 34 years old. His specialty is anecdotal humor.

After a series of disappointments, Anubhav Bassi, a lawyer turned UPSC candidate turned entrepreneur turned comic book writer, is finally working on a worthwhile project because he sees his setbacks as successes.

A great storyteller who makes fun of everything and everyone that has stood in his way thus far. His comic delivery is intriguingly natural, and the entire program has the vibe of a casual discussion. one of the best stand-up comedians of the current era.

One of the most well-known stand-up comedians of the modern era is Anubhav Singh Bassi. Over the years, Anubhav Singh Bassi has established himself as a unique figure and developed his style of retroactive humor.

Anubhav Singh Bassi’s Education

Anubhav Singh Bassi completed his schooling as head boy at Dewan Public School. 2015 saw Anubhav Singh Bassi graduate from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University with a BA LLB.

Anubhav Singh Bassi was an entrepreneur and thought about running for the UPSC before he began his stand-up comedy career. Anubhav Bassi is a lawyer who was a candidate for the UPSC, an entrepreneur, and a comic book writer.


Bassi struggled with several different careers before settling on stand-up comedy. Bassi’s adventure started when he happened upon an open mic event online and later got involved in the stand-up scene while working for a startup.

Although Bassi started his YouTube channel in 2016, his first video, “Cheating,” was uploaded in 2019. It quickly gained popularity and over 8 crore people watched it. With his channel, he rose to fame with his subsequent videos.

Awards and world tours

The Golden Glory Awards presented him with the “Youth Icon of the Year” award in 2021. In addition to giving performances all over the nation, he also embarked on international tours, visiting the US, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Singapore, Australia, and Europe.

Anubhav Singh Bassi’s Networth and Income

Net worth is the amount of assets less the amount of liabilities. Assets include things like cash real estate and anything else of value. It is the total value of all of your possessions minus all of them. There is no annual computation of net worth.

How much is Anubhav Singh Bassi’s net worth as of right now? Anubhav Singh Bassi is said to earn between 5 and 10 lakh rupees per month, with an estimated net worth of 80 lakhs to 1 crore rupees.


A petition seeking action against Anubhav Singh Bassi for allegedly dehumanizing lawyers in his show “Bas Kar Bassi” was recently dismissed by the Supreme Court on July 17. Judges Sudhanshu Dhulia and Sanjay Kishan Kaul declared that the court had no intention of reviewing the petition.

The judges counseled the petitioner, advocate Farhat Warsi, to present a more compelling argument; the SC said, “Why should we entertain this against some stand-up comedy show? Bring something more superior.” The highest court additionally observed that the concerned legal community should bear the burden of handling such cases rather than just one petitioner.


Anubhav Singh Bassi is a rising star in Indian comedy, quickly capturing the attention of audiences both domestically and abroad by fusing incisive humor with relatable stories. Bassi’s journey, which spans from comedic acclaim to legal aspirations, is one of humor and resilience. His ascent represents a new wave of stand-up comedy that redefines comedy with genuineness and appeal to a global audience.

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