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Armaan Malik YouTuber: Lifestyle, Family & His YouTube Income

Famous YouTuber and social media influencer Armaan is married to two women, both of whom reside in his home. He was born in Haryana on December 15, 1988. His professional life began on TikTok. 

He has gained a huge following and has made a significant impact on YouTube. An extensive biography of Armaan Malik youtuber is given in this article, which also highlights his impact on the digital world and his inspirational path and accomplishments.

Armaan Malik YouTuber: Lifestyle and Introduction

NameArmaan Malik
Date of birth15 December 1990
BirthplaceNew Delhi, India
Age33 years
HometownHyderabad, India
ProfessionYouTuber, Influencer, Content Creator
Educational QualificationGraduate
Marital statusmarried
Total assetsBetween Rs 10 to 15 crores

Armaan wed Payal in 2011, making her his first wife. Without officially divorcing his first spouse, he wed Payal’s best friend Kritika in 2018, six years later. His most recent interview with Harsh Limbachiyaa and Bharti is beginning to gain a lot of attention.

Armaan’s Family

Right now Armaan Malik youtuber has two wives. His first wife is Payal Malik and they both got married in 2011. Armaan Malik’s second marriage took place with Kritika Malik in 2018. He lives in the same house with both his wives lovingly.

Armaan’s two wives Payal and Kritika are also popular. Both wore similar clothes and were also pregnant together. Armaan and Payal had two twin children named Tooba and Aayan. Armaan and Kritika also have a son, whom the entire family has named Zaid.

Arman’s YouTube income

Malik frequently creates fitness vlogs that go viral. he is doing Modeling and brand sponsorships it is his primary sources of income.

The estimated net worth of Armaan falls between Rs. 10 and Rs. 15 crores. Media reports state that Armaan receives a salary of approximately Rs 3 lakhs every month.

What is the reality behind Armaan Malik’s two marriages?

Armaan and Payal Malik got married according to Indian customs in 2011. Both Payal and Kritika were best friends; Kritika used to visit their house as well. It was here that Armaan met Kritika. 

They started liking each other, and they decided to get married to each other. Then Kritika and Arman both decided to tell this and because of her unconditional love, Payal agreed to the decision of Arman and Kritika’s marriage. Then, in the year 2018, both of them got married. Now he lives with both his wives in the same house, lovingly.

FAQs for Armaan Malik YouTuber

Q: What is the height of Armaan Malik?

A: The Armaan stands about 175 centimeters tall.

Q: Where was the birthplace of Armaan Malik?

A: The Armaan Maliks lived in Haryana.

Q: What is Armaan Malik’s age?

A: Armaan was thirty-six years old in 2024.

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