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Nisha Madhulika Housewife Success Story

Renowned chef Nisha Madhulika is a YouTube sensation who has won over millions of fans with her delicious recipes and endearing personality. Her foray into cooking started as a passion project and developed into a well-liked global platform for fans of Indian food.

Nisha Madhulika Overview

Date of BirthAug 25, 1959
Age65 Years
Birth PlaceUttar Pradesh, India
ResidenceUttar Pradesh, India
ProfessionChef, YouTube personality
SpouseM.S. Gupta
Weight70 KG
Height5 feet 7 inches

Early Life of Nisha Madhulika

Among India’s most well-known chefs is Nisha Madhulika. She is renowned for her superb recipes and cooking abilities. Although she began her career with just basic recipe blogs, she is now well-known as a restaurant consultant. Publications including Indian Express, Amar Ujala, Dainik Bhaskar, and Times of India have included her recipes and cooking advice.

She was born on August 25, 1959, in Noida, and she finished her education there as well. She eventually married M.S. Gupta. Nisha resides in Delhi with her spouse and their two kids. Following her marriage, she began to assist her husband in running his company.

A Day in the Life of Nisha Madhulika

Nisha exercises first thing in the morning and has tea to start her day healthily. She takes care of her home, just like any other household woman, and cooks breakfast and lunch in the morning. Following this, Nisha likes to take pictures of the food she has prepared. During her afternoon free time, Nisha writes and publishes blogs.

Nisha enjoys creating YouTube videos, recipes, and blogs. She also attends events virtually, makes appearances on different cooking platforms, and goes to different parties during the day.

Rise of the YouTube Star

For many years, Nisha Madhulika cheerfully assisted her husband, but she wasn’t happy with the work she was doing. As her children grew up and moved out, she developed empty nest syndrome.

When she uploaded her first YouTube video in May 2011, that was when her life took a significant turn. Recipe and Food was the name of her channel. Nisha began receiving more than a million views on her videos each month, and within a few years, she had more than three million subscribers. Her videos received approximately 769, 636, 028 views in 2018. Her YouTube channel features over a hundred recipe videos.

Nisha gained popularity on YouTube in 2013 after taking part in the “Helping Women Get Online” campaign. In 2014, Nisha began to gain popularity. In 2016, she was featured on Vodafone’s “Women of Pure Wonder” coffee table. Nisha won the 2017 Social Media Summit & Awards for Best YouTube Culinary Content Creator the following year.

She was also featured in an interview for YouTube’s #seesomethingnew campaign that aired on Lok Sabha TV. The ET also included Nisha in their list of the Top 10 YouTube celebrities in India. She was also honored with a Top YouTube Cooking Stuff Creator award later that year. She is now featured in many magazines, including Bloomberg, India Today, The Economist, and many more.

Accepting Challenges throughout the journey

Nisha’s blogs didn’t receive much attention in the beginning, but she persisted in working hard and consistently, and eventually, her blogs and videos began to become more and more well-known.

Initially, Nisha used the WordPress platform Khana Banana to host all of her content, including blogs and articles. She requested assistance from her son because she was finding it difficult to manage the platform, which already had more than 100 blogs and was still expanding. is the domain name of the website that her son made for her. She found it simple to engage with the public and connect with her recipe readers on this website.

She also lacked the necessary resources when it came time to make the YouTube videos. She lacked a suitable studio and the necessary tools.

Nisha attempted to record videos in a variety of spaces, including the kitchen, dining room, and tiny setups in the hallway, but the overwhelming heat, background noise, and discomfort were the main issues with these video sessions. However, hustlers persist, and Nisha Madhulika was one of them.

After that, she completed a quick setup in which she joined tables in an upstairs room. Currently, she has a whole staff that assists Nisha with filming, editing, releasing, and running her YouTube channel.


The transformation of Nisha Madhulika from a housewife to a YouTube celebrity is a prime example of tenacity and drive. She carved out a global platform for Indian cuisine by beginning with simple blogs.

Overcoming obstacles, she became an expert in creating online content and accumulated millions of subscribers. Her success story demonstrates how perseverance and diligence can produce amazing results.

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