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Sourav Joshi: Everything You Need to Know

Renowned YouTuber and social media influencer Sourav Joshi has won over millions of fans with his captivating content and endearing demeanor. We will delve into specifics regarding Sourav Joshi in this article, emphasizing his career, accomplishments, early life, and age.

Sourav Joshi Overview

NameSourav Joshi
Profile NameSourav Joshi Vlogs
DOB (Age)September 8th, 2000 (23)
DOJ (YouTube)Feb 19, 2019 (Sourav Joshi Vlogs)
Total Videos2380
Net Worth$1.25 million
ResidenceUttarakhand, India

Sourav Joshi’s Early Life

Sourav Joshi, formerly known as Mohit, was born in Uttarakhand’s Dehradun on September 8, 1999. Hema Joshi is his mother, and Harinder Joshi is his father. Piyush Joshi and Sahil Joshi are his siblings’ names. Oreo is the name of his Pomeranian dog.

His father was a laborer whose difficult financial circumstances forced him to move nine times from his rented home in search of steady employment. Sourav had to transfer schools five times before he could enroll in class twelve. However, he completed most of his education at the Government High School in Hisar, Haryana. Later, he earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the Punjab Group of Colleges.


In the twelfth grade, Sourav started his YouTube career. He started the Sourav Joshi Arts channel, posting videos of himself doing sketches. Sourav joined the world of YouTube on September 5, 2015, and since then, he has amassed 4.03 million subscribers to his art channel. With more than 15 million views and 450 thousand likes, his most popular video is “How I Draw Hairs | Step by Step.” 

He started Sourav Joshi Vlogs, a new YouTube channel, in 2019. “How I Draw Ms. Dhoni” was the title of the sketch guide that debuted on the channel. He gained notoriety for the vlogs he uploaded during the initial wave of COVID-19. He shares videos of Uttrakhand, his native land, highlighting its natural beauty and rich culture. He recorded 365 videos throughout the lockdown in a year.

Net Worth

Sourav makes money by making videos for streaming services like YouTube, sponsorships, and other sources. Sourav’s estimated net worth as of 2024 is $1.25 million.

Saurav Joshi Cars And Bike Collection

Saurav Joshi owns an excellent collection of cars. He owns a bike as well. Regarding his collection of vehicles, he owns a Fortuner Legender, an Innova Crysta, and a Mahindra Thar. The Fortuner is valued at approximately 46 to 50 lakh, the Innova at about 26 lakh, and the Thar at about 15 lakh.

In addition, Saurav Joshi owns a Porsche 718 Boxster, a high-performance vehicle. whom a Rs 1.52 crore estimate has been made. Saurav Joshi currently owns two bikes. Among them is the HF Deluxe, which goes for Rs 60,000. The other motorcycle is the KTM Duke, which ranges in price from Rs 2 to Rs 2.50 lakh.

Saurav Joshi’s Controversy

“Neon Man,” a user, accused Sourav of being rude to his fans in a 2022 YouTube video. The video was posted in response to a complaint made by “Gora Vlogger,” another YouTuber, who stated that when he first met Sourav outside his house, he was not given a warm welcome. Sourav responded to Neon’s video by saying that Gora had not provided all the information and was trying to discredit him.

Sourav disclosed that he went with his mother to the dentist when he first saw Gora Vlogger. Neon said he was just doing his job when he posted the video to defend himself. Eventually, though, Sourav removed his comment on Neon’s video. In addition, another YouTuber named Manoj Dey stated that Sourav had also treated him quite badly in a remark on Neon Man’s video.

Manoj claimed that Sourav had immediately blocked him, refusing to comply with his request to remove the controversial thumbnail he had used for a video about his brother Piyush. These incidents generated discussion and led to Sourav’s actions being denounced. Remembering that treating people with grace and decency matters in both online and offline interactions is crucial, and everyone ought to try to be polite to one another.


Popular Uttarakhandi YouTuber Sourav Joshi has enthralled millions of viewers with his captivating vlogs and creative content. With two YouTube channels and a healthy net worth of $1.25 million, he achieved notable success despite early financial difficulties and several moves. His story exemplifies inventiveness and tenacity, establishing him as a well-known social media influencer.

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