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Zakir Khan: Understanding the Comedian’s Journey and Impact

An Indian stand-up comedian, has established himself in the comedy industry thanks to his distinct style and realistic humor. Let’s look at Zakir Khan biography, career trajectory, and impact on comedy fans around the world.

Zakir Khan Overview

Zakir KhanDetails
ProfessionStandup Comedian
Age35 years as of 2023
Birthyear20th August 1987
BirthplaceIndore Madhya Pradesh
Height5 feet 7 Inches
Notable WorkChacha Vidhayak Hain Humare
Net Worth in rupees8 Crores INR
Youtube Channel NameZakir Khan

Early life

Khan was born into a Muslim family of classical musicians from Rajasthan and raised in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He is Ustad Moinuddin Khan’s grandson, a sarangi maestro. He lived in Delhi for a significant amount of his adult life. He hails from a lowly family and says his father encouraged him to pursue his gift.


Zakir Khan’s birthday is August 20, 1987. In 2022, Zakir Khan will be 35 years old. Leo is Zakir Khan’s zodiac sign. He was born in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, in Indore. Zakir Khan enjoys playing the sitar, singing, writing songs, and other activities.

Zakir Khan was born in Rajasthan to a Muslim family. For the majority of his adult life, Zakir Khan called Delhi home. Zakir Khan is thankful to his father for supporting his talent, despite coming from a modest family and upbringing.


He holds a diploma in Sitar despite having dropped out of B.Com after graduating from ST. Paul Higher Secondary School in Indore. Ismail Khan is his father, and Kulsum Khan is his mother.

Both Zakir Khan’s father and grandfather, Ustad Moinuddin Khan, were musicians. Ismail Khan’s mother stays at home and teaches music. His two brothers are Arbaaz Khan, a student, and Zeeshan Khan, the lead singer of a band.

Networth and Income

Net worth is the amount of assets less the amount of liabilities. Cash real estate and other valuable items are examples of assets. It is the entire amount less the total value of everything you own.

The net worth is not calculated annually. What is Zakir Khan net worth as of right now? Zakir Khan’s monthly income is estimated to be between 10 and 12 lakh rupees, and his net worth is roughly 8 crore rupees.

7 Interesting Facts

  • Before relocating to Jaipur in 2009 for an internship, Zakir worked as a radio programmer at ARSL in New Delhi for a year. His goal was to work in radio production.
  • Zakir has received invitations to several important occasions, including YouTube fanfests. Other well-known YouTube channels, such as Beerbiceps Abish Mathew Jashn-E-Rekhta and others, have invited him for an interview.
  • He wrote scripts for the news comedy program “On Air with AIB” in 2015. He co-hosted the program as well. In India, Star World televised this.
  • With over 71 million views, Zakir’s “When I Meet a Delhi Girl” video heralded his arrival as a stand-up comedian and on YouTube.
  • Zakir Khan claims that he would have been a music teacher today if he hadn’t become a comedian. because the family has over 300 years of musical history.
  • In response to a question concerning his reason for leaving college, Zakir stated, “Year college mein rehne ka koi matlab nahi tha.” Attending classes does not guarantee a degree; however, it does help in gaining experience.
  • Zakir likes to play the sitar. He likes to write and perform music. Zakir holds a diploma in Sitar. As Zakir returned to Delhi, his familiarity with Sitar proved to help provide him with food.


Zakir Khan’s journey from a humble background to become a well-known comedian is a testament to his talent and commitment. He came from a family of classical musicians and used his unique style and relatable humor to carve out his niche. Zakir has a huge influence on comedy nowadays; his performances and online presence resonate with a wide range of people.

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